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Capturing Your Dream: Should You Have a Drone at Your Wedding?

Drones are fast becoming a must-have at weddings nowadays, so we thought we'd explain why...


Congratulations! You're engaged and about to embark on an exciting journey of planning your dream wedding. As you explore different ideas and concepts for your special day, you might be wondering if incorporating a drone into your wedding videography is a worthwhile choice. In this blog, we, as experienced wedding videographers, will dive into the ins and outs of drone videography and help you decide whether having a tiny flying robot at your wedding is the right fit for you.

drone image of Kentwell Hall in the sunshine

Embracing the Elopement Trend

Elopements have become increasingly popular, providing couples with an intimate and unique way to exchange vows. If you're considering an elopement, a drone can elevate your film wedding to new heights, quite literally. Imagine breathtaking aerial shots of you and your partner against the backdrop of a stunning natural landscape or capturing the magical moment of your woodland elopement from a bird's-eye view. A drone can transform your elopement ideas into a cinematic masterpiece that captures the essence of your love story.

aerial drone shot of Taormina and mount Etna at sunset

A Fresh Perspective

One of the greatest advantages of incorporating a drone into your wedding video is the unique perspective it offers. While traditional videography captures the beauty of your wedding from eye level, a drone adds a whole new dimension by providing sweeping shots and panoramic views of your venue and surroundings. It creates an immersive experience for viewers, showcasing the grandeur of your location and the ambiance of the celebration. You likely paid a lot of money for your venue, so why not show it off!

aerial view of villa Kerjannic surrounded by trees

Unforgettable Outdoor Venues

The UK is blessed with breathtaking outdoor landscapes, making it an ideal setting for a drone to shine. Whether you're planning a countryside wedding, a seaside celebration, or are lucky enough to get married in sunnier climates, a drone can capture the majesty of your surroundings. From rolling hills and ancient castles to stunning coastlines and charming gardens, a drone can immortalize the natural beauty that sets your UK wedding apart from the rest.

aerial view of Kentwell Hall and wedding guests arriving

Creativity and Artistry

Every couple wants their wedding video to be unique and reflective of their personalities. A drone enables your videographer to unleash their creativity, resulting in a visually stunning film that captures the essence of your love story. From sweeping shots of your grand entrance to capturing the joyous moments on the dance floor, a drone can infuse your wedding video with cinematic flair, transforming it into a work of art, and something you will want to watch over and over.

aerial view flying through an old abbey with the sea in the background

Safety and Professionalism

When considering a drone for your wedding, it's crucial to hire a professional wedding videographer experienced in drone operations. They possess the necessary licenses and expertise to ensure the safe and legal use of drones. By working with a professional, you can rest assured that the drone will be operated responsibly and in accordance with regulations, providing you with stunning footage without any worries that Uncle John might crash it into the cake!

aerial drone image of a river with sunset reflection


Deciding whether to incorporate a drone into your wedding is a personal choice that depends on your vision, budget, and the overall atmosphere you want to create. However, for those seeking a unique, non-traditional wedding experience, a drone can be a game-changer. From capturing mesmerizing aerial shots of your elopement to providing a fresh perspective on your outdoor venue, a drone adds a touch of magic to your wedding video, creating a lasting memory that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Remember, when selecting a UK wedding videographer for your film wedding, be sure to choose someone who has experience with drones and a keen eye for capturing the most special moments. With the right videographer and the mesmerizing capabilities of a drone, your wedding video will be transformed into a cinematic masterpiece, allowing you to relive your special day in a truly extraordinary way.

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